Adventures in Event Photography Part 1

5290-Yvette-Waters-Photography-ConventionsOne of the biggest benefits to living in Orlando is the fact that Orlando is one of the top destination spots for conventions, trade shows and corporate meeting. Being an event photographer in the Orlando area is equivalent to being Mickey Mouse at Disney World. While living in Orlando often seems like a vacation, as an event photographer, I see things differently at times. There is a great deal of time, especially travel time, and energy that goes into shooting each event.

Many of the most popular event venues in Orlando are massive and cover a great amount of square footage. The ability for an event photographer to move about getting key shots and while ensuring that all of the requested images are rendered can be daunting. I have often spent my few short lived moments of break time wishing that there were two of me and wondering if I should have squeezed a pair of roller skates into my camera case. This would make things much more interesting for everyone.

Event photography is not just about taking a lot of photographs. Topping my” to do” list at Yvette Waters Photography is capturing the spirit of the event as well as the personalities ofthe guests who are attending the convention or conference. The pace that an event photographer has to keep up with during these huge gatherings feels like photographing a wedding that is jacked up on steroids. Both types of events have the guests of honor, key people, receptions that can be crazy and fun at times as well as those more serious and quiet moments. Many request room shots and photographs that can give an overall view of the physical environment.

Many companies spend a great deal of money making sure that the spaces they occupy for their convention are transformed based on the theme they have chosen and for marketing themselves throughout the coming year.  Unlike a wedding, I am not necessarily there to capture memorable moments.  I am there to provide them with images that they will be using for marketing and promotion of their group, product or cause for the coming year.

While this work can be challenging and have a frantic pace, it is also some of the most enjoyable work that a photographer can undertake. The hours are long, but time usually goes by quickly. I have photographed many events and have yet to work with anyone who has made me question choosing this line of work. Being able to make what I do look effortless gives my clients confidence in my abilities and frees them up to juggle the hundreds of tasks on their “to do” lists. Don’t tell anyone this, but there are times when I have just as much fun as the guests who are attending the conference. This can be our little secret.

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