Anyone can Fringe

Can Any One Fringe?

This year I was selected to be on the professional photography staff for the 2014 Orlando Fringe festival! I am having such a great time and I can’t even believe I get to do this. The festival requires long hours and a lot of work for everyone involved with the more than 100 productions. It hardly feels like work when I find myself literaly whistling on my way to “work”. It is THAT good!

The Venue 50th Varietease 2014What is fringe?  The official definition on the Orlando fringe website states…


A 14 day festival that is founded on the concept of offering 100% unjuried, 100% uncensored, 100% accessible theatre, music, dance, and art to all types and ages where 100% of the box office ticket sales go directly back to the artists within The Fringe. The Orlando Fringe is the longest running Fringe Festival in the United States, celebrating 23 years as “Orlando’s most unique cultural experience”.

Well, I am telling you that it is 14 days of intriguing, zany, weird, awkward shows that are all pure genius. Oh! But there are things that, as a self-respecting lesbian, have made me wince and chuckle at the same time. Fringes is not for the faint of heart.

I have the privilege of shooting at the Black Venue, which is located at a place called The Venue owned by Blue Starr. Confused?? That’s Fringe. Surprisingly, one of my favorite shows was called Seasons, A Musical. It was a touching story about the relationship between a mother and daughter that was presented in an unexpected way. So unexpected that I finally realized the full story on the second run through and turned to the tech and said “Oh, now I get it.” Ironically, my own mother just passed away a few months ago from cancer. I shot this show on MOTHERS DAY (Really?) AND my mom and I had a quite rocky relationship. Try photographing and crying at the same time…good thing they gave everyone a goody bag at the door that included tissues. In this case, on this day, life truly imitated art.

This is the joy in what I do. I am always introduced to more than one way of seeing the world and I get to have so many amazing experiences as a photographer, especially in the Orlando area. Being a part of this adventure in art feeds my soul and pushes my creative buttons. There is definitely something for everyone. Depending on your mood you can see everything from burlesque to a group of talented seniors called the Downtowners singing about their love lives to a comedy about washed up Weeki Wachee mermaids. It is all pure brilliance.

So, can anyone Fringe?? Absolutely, so get out there and get your Fringe on!

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