Great spot in Orlando for portraits

Orlando is one of the prettiest cities in the United States. Millions of visitors, tourist and business travelers come here all year round to enjoy the warm weather and the inviting hospitality of “O Town”. As a photographer, I love this city. It has so much diversity and many locations for a portrait session or to just wander around and photograph the parks, gardens, urban areas or historical buildings just to name a few.

One of my all-time favorite spots to photograph is Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. The lake and surrounding area offer so much potential in ways of having an interesting location for a successful photo shoot. To start, there is the lake itself. Lake Eola makes for a fantastic back drop for a portrait session, especially for families with young children. The swans will keep the kids captivated and there is an opportunity to create really great lifestyle images. In the center of Lake Eola is the Linton E. Allen Memorial fountain. It is lit up at night and changes color, which makes for a dramatic back drop for night time portraits. Or, just photograph the fountain itself (don’t forget your tripod!)

The Chinese pagoda is a fantastic setting for couples and engagement sessions or for a fashion shoot. If you go to Lake Eola on Sunday check out the farmer’s market where you can score some fresh produce, check out the local artists and get some very cool editorial images of products and people.

The scenery around the lake is more than suitable for weddings, family portraits and any other photo shoot you can imagine. I admit I have my favorite go to spots but I keep finding new ones each time I go, which is always exciting for a photo dork like me! If you have never been to Lake Eola, check it out! But, don’t forget your camera, or better yet, hire a professional photographer (like me) to shoot your portraits (yet another shameless plug).

I am always looking for new and interesting places to shoot, take a minute and share with me some of your favorite places.

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