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Real Estate professionals often underestimate the importance of taking and using good images to market a property. The first impression of a property that a potential buyer sees are the listing photographs that appear on the MLS, or any of the other online real estate sites. Hiring a professional to take photos that are well composed, properly lit and high quality is a relatively small investment that adds value and raises the potential for attracting more buyers and ultimately can result in a speedy sale.

Why should Realtors consider hiring someone to provide photos when they can do it themselves?

By hiring an individual who is knowledgeable about real estate photography to provide images for marketing, promotional materials and website postings, Realtors can greatly enhance the likelihood of having a property stand out among the many other options buyer may see.

Redfin published this report about real estate professionals who hire professional photographers for their listings.  Click here to view Redfin Report.

Most who resisit hiring a professional believe that they can get good enough with their camera phone and it is free. There is one problem. Smart phones or a point and shoot cameras have a limited focal range. Which means that they cannot capture what the human eye is capable of seeing. The images rendered are not an accurate representation of what something truly looks like. A professional lens is able to make this leap. A photographer is also able to consider details about the shot that most may not consider. Clean backgrounds, shot angles and proper lighting are just a few things that are often overlooked.

Professional photographers have the lighting and equipment necessary to produce stunning images that just are not possible with many smart phones or point and shoot cameras. By using wide angle lenses and knowing how the natural lighting affects each shot a professional can create a high quality image that otherwise may be missed.

Rates begin at $75 per hour and include up to 25 high quality digital photos for use on the MLS, promotional materials, or virtual tours. Additional services include SEO optimized images and custom branding for office or agent use.


If you are still not convinced that hiring a professional is worth it, please consider this:



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